Chocolate Bread Pudding

What do you do with a day old baguette that’s just a little too hard to eat? Why, you make Chocolate Bread Pudding of course! 3  1/2  cups milk (2% works fine) 4  ounces semisweet chocolate 2  ounces unsweetened chocolate 1/2  cup sugar 2  teaspoons vanilla extract 1/2  teaspoon salt 3  large eggs 8  ounces (about … Continue reading

Easy Beans and Rice with Cilantro

I almost always have the ingredients for this recipe on hand for those nights when time is really short. It takes about 10 minutes to get everything ready and then I just wait for the rice to sit down to dinner. It serves 3 on it’s own or 4, if served as pictured. It can … Continue reading

All-American Turkey Meatloaf

This is my family’s favorite meatloaf. It’s tangy and sweet and makes a great meatloaf sandwich! Of course I first made it with beef, but now I use ground turkey and everyone loves it just the same. If you do not tolerate diary, just omit the milk or use water instead. I find turkey to … Continue reading