‘Tis the Season

Merry Christmas Y’all! I so love this time of year with candles in all the windows, reconnecting with old friends through visits, calls, and cards,¬†and the overall feeling of hope and joy in the air. That being said, my to do list is LONG and planning meals at the last minute really adds to my … Continue reading

Vegetarian Eggs Benedict

What’s my treat for Mother’s Day? I always request this scrumptious version of Eggs Benedict and a frilly coffee for my special day. We didn’t make this dish after the AG diagnosis because traditionally it’s served with Canadian bacon. However, on a trip to Chicago and visit to the West Egg Cafe, I tried their … Continue reading

Egg Cups

When people in your family have different food allergies, I think the biggest challenge is finding recipes that can be adapted for everyone. I truly enjoy cooking, but am certain that feeling would dissipate if I had to make everyone something different for dinner every night! This is why I am constantly looking for ways … Continue reading