Eggplant Stacks

When making a batch of homemade spaghetti and meatballs (see post here) for the rest of the family, I used to struggle to find something complimentary for me to eat instead of the meatballs (one happy vegetarian here!). Then I discovered that by broiling thin slices of eggplant, they will cook quickly and to the desired softness for these delicious little eggplant stacks. We love these so much, that sometimes they stand alone for dinner with a small side salad or some delicious bread. Feel free to experiment by adding some fresh spinach, parmesan cheese, or fresh basil to your stacks. 


1  eggplant, thinly sliced

Olive oil

Spaghetti sauce (homemade or your favorite jar)

Fresh mozzarella, thinly sliced

Spinach, parmesan cheese, fresh basil, if desired


Set the broiler on HIGH and leave the oven door open slightly. Cover a cookie sheet with foil and spread the eggplant out in a single layer. Brush both sides with olive oil and broil for 4 to 6 minutes on EACH SIDE until lightly browned and the inside of the eggplant is soft (oven temperatures very, so please watch carefully).

Warm the spaghetti sauce in a small saucepan or microwave. Starting with a large slice of eggplant, spread a couple tablespoons of the sauce in a circle under the slice. Spoon more sauce on top and then add sliced mozzarella (spinach and/or fresh basil too, if desired). Using a slightly smaller slice with each layer, create stacks of eggplant, sauce, and cheese until there are 3-4 eggplant slices per stack. Continue until all the eggplant has been stacked. Return the pan to the broiler for 2-3 minutes until cheese is melted and bubbly. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and serve immediately.




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