Parsley Potatoes

In preparation for Easter, I thought I would share my Alpa-Gal friendly menu for this spring holiday:

Oak Roasted Salmon (we love it from The Fresh Market)
Parsley Potatoes
Fresh Roasted Asparagus
Deviled Eggs
Homemade Applesauce

I may add a side salad depending on how many guests we have, but that’s pretty much my plan for Easter dinner. No one misses the ham with salmon on the menu and it really helps to make the eggs and applesauce in advance. I would love to hear how you are making your Easter dinner Alpha-Gal friendly this year. Please share in the comments below. Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter!


6-8  medium red potatoes, peeled and quartered

1/4  cup water

1/4  cup butter, margarine, or butter substitute

1  tablespoon dried parsley flakes

1/2  teaspoon salt

1/8  teaspoon pepper


Place potatoes and water in a 2-quart casserole dish and cover. Microwave on HIGH 12-15 minutes, stirring half way, until desired tenderness. Let stand 5 minutes, drain.

Microwave butter until melted. Add salt, pepper, and parsley. Pour over potatoes and toss to coat. Serve immediately.


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